Undressed with Bree Jacoby

When it comes to keeping it real in a wardrobe, there is no one more blunt than your favorite personal stylist, Bree Jacoby. Bree has been running one of LA’s fastest growing styling companies expanding with members across the US. Trust us, there is nothing Bree and her team haven’t seen or heard in a closet. Bree and her team go into homes and bring new wardrobes with them creating a unique one-of-a-kind approach to personal styling. So, come for the realness and stay for the stories. Bree’s guests are famous entrepreneurs that have built and sold multi million to billion dollar businesses or have built personal brands around their names. These people have to look good to do what they do. Building personal style is essential to their success. We tell undisclosed stories you would only find out here about them.

Our goal is to leave you feeling inspired to transform your way of seeing your wardrobe and shed light on how these people do it. We will give you tips and tricks on style in solo episodes and share how you can become your best self. Let’s cut the bullshit, it’s time to get undressed to get dressed even better.

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